Lena Pillars, finally! The 3rd day of the Lena River voyage. 43 photos.

Lena Pillars by Ajar Varlamov. June 2011.

Lena Pillars by Ajar Varlamov. June 2011.

Here we go! Lena Pillars! The famous geological monument on the Lena River (Yakutia / Russia) was the third spot visited by Ilya Kovyakin, a friend of mine from Magadan, his family and Ajar Varlamov on their 3-day journey along one of the world’s biggest river.

Previously, I published the following posts about this journey:

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Yes, the route of Ilya & Co’s travel included three places: the village of Elanka, the camp on the Buotama River and, finally, Lena Pillars.

How did they make it to Lena Pillars?

By a regular motor boat from the camp on the mouth of the Buotama River. The way took 2 hours only. I think, it’s one of great ways to get to that place.

Driving a motor boat gives the feeling of being closer to the river, but it might be risky… all precautions must be followed, certainly.

Okey, no more words. Enjoy Ajar Varlamov’s 43 photographs of the Great Lena Pillars!.. Oh, do you know that the authority of Yakutia is trying to get them into UNESCO’s list?! No. Now you know it! 🙂

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