Wildfires in Russia’s Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). Summer 2011.

Wildfires in Yakutia, North-Eastern Siberia, Russia

Wildfires in Yakutia, North-Eastern Siberia, Russia

Just to let you know what’s going on in Yakutia, Siberia / Russia. The summer 2011 appeared to be extremely hot. Last three weeks we had temperatures much above +30C. There were days with +42C. As a result, our precious forest (taiga) got set on fire immediately. Taiga is vulnerable.

Here is what yesterday YSIA News Agency informed. Note: the text was translated by Sayyna Gogoleva and published without proof-reading.

From the beginning of flammable season 2011 have registered 378 forest fires on the main square 416 886,0 GA, have eliminated 358 fires on the main square 409 188,0 GA.

On 20th of July was founded 8 fires on the main square 701, 1 hectare, 9 fires on the main square 1 555, 1 hectare had eliminated.

As the end of the 20th July there are 20 forest fires acting(Aldanskyi – 3, Olekminskyi – 3, Amginskyi – 2, Gornyi – 2, Kobyaiskyi – 2, Megino-Kangalasskyi – 2, Nerungryiskyi – 2, Churapchinskyi – 1, Hangalasskyi – 1, Yakutsk city – 1, Namskyi – 1) on the main square 7 698,0 hectare, including 6 941,0 hectare of forest-zone.10 fires of them was eliminated on the main square 2 400,0 hectare.

For extinguishing the fire are involved 134 workers of air base, 86 workers of State Management of RS(Y) – forestry and GAU “Centerles RS(Y), 89 employees of State Management of Russian Emergencies Ministry in Yakutia and 452 volunteers, beside that 93 pieces of equipment: 4 bulldozers, 33 tractors, 56 cars, 5 helicopters MI-8, helicopter MI-8-MTV, 4 planes AN-2, helicopter MI-26 of Emergencies Ministry

As of July 21th, 2011, 20 vast wildfires were registered in Russia’s Siberian region of Yakutia, 10 of them have been already isolated, 9 doused. Suppression operations involved 1555 people, 196 vehicles and 12 helicopters, according to Yakutia Emergency Ministry’s report.

See also NASA MODIS’s image of fires and smoke in Yakutia.

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