Fishing on the Buotama River, a Lena River tributary. Day 2nd.

The 2nd day of Ilya’s Elanka — Buotama — Lena Pillars trip was also dedicated to fishing, but on the Buotama River, a Lena River tributary. The 1st day, as you know, was spent in the village of Elanka.

The Buotama River mouth is located just in front of the Bulgunnyahtakh village (a neighboring settlement north off Elanka, a few minutes by a ride) on the east side of the Lena River.

Further, find more photographs taken by Ajar Varlamov and some facts.

What to do in the area of the Buotama River?

Apart from fishing, Yakutsk residents love:

1. A-couple-of-days rafting, that usually starts from the Lena Pillars;

2. Swimming in the river’s warm waters;

3. Gazing at wood bison imported from Canada’s Elk Island Park four year ago (the tag for wood bison).

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