Two Yakutian films to be screened at Imagine Native Film Festival in Toronto, Canada

An image from Days of Yakutia in Toronto, Canada.

What a great news! Sardana Savvina let me know that two Yakutian films are going to participate at The Imagine Native Film + Media Arts Festival in Toronto, Canada. They will be screened at Bell Light BOX Movie Theater on October 22nd and 23rd, 2011.

If by any chance you appeared to be in Toronto on those days, don’t miss the chance to visit the film festival and watch Yakutian movies. You won’t regret ever! Check the screening schedule.

Further, find films description and get energized by the While the Wind Blows movie trailer with a song performed by the famous Yakut rock band «103» and Varya Maksimova.

Tual baarun tukaru
(While the Wind Blows)
2010, Russia, 76 min, DVCAM,
Sakha English
Director: Sergei Potapov

While the Wind Blows. Movie from Yakutia, Siberia, Russia.

While the Wind Blows. A movie by Sergey Potapov.

International Premiere
Oct 22 2011, 3:30PM
TIFF Bell Lightbox, Cinema 3

Touted as the first feature film from the Sakha (Yakut) region of Russia, and the imagineNATIVE debut of young Yakut director Sergei Potapov, Tual baarun tukaru is a cinematic and mythic tour de force of good vs. evil, and a new voice in Indigenous film. In the rural expanse of the Russian wilderness, a mysterious storyteller wanders upon the feudal enclave of the Moyos family and their servants. Aiyyna, the beautiful daughter of Lord Moyos, is transfixed by the storyteller and dreaming of her future when she is abducted by Ehr Sogotokh, a lonely and mysterious castaway. Aiyyna’s fiance, Sette Timekh, son of the regional duke, mounts a campaign to rescue his lover and hunt down her captor with a squad of warriors. But meeting with Ehr changes Aiyya’s life. Reliving his strange upbringing, Ehr understands his destiny and that the battle for Aiyyna may be his last. Jealousy, betrayal and yearning test heroes and villains, a showdown between love and death. Sumptuous cinematography, landscapes and distinctive storytelling make this Beauty and the Beast tale a magical and memorable film.

This is the first feature for Sergei Potapov (Sakha). Born in the village of Suntar in the Yakutia region of eastern Russia, Sergei created several short documentary and dramatic works such as Breath, Once in Yakutsk and Whims of Rain before establishing with fellow filmmakers the Cinema Centre Production company in 2009. In production since then, this is the company’s first large-scale production. The film screened to local audiences in Yakutsk before making its international debut at imagineNATIVE.

Put’ k solnsu
(Towards the Sun)
2010, Russia, 50 min, MiniDV,
Even and Russian English
Director: Marina Kalinina

Towards the Sun. A film from Yakutia, Siberia, Russia.

Towards the Sun. A film by Marina Kalinina.

North America Premiere
Oct 23 2011, 12:00PM
TIFF Bell Lightbox, Cinema 2

The Indigenous people of northeastern Russia have a legend about a magic reindeer that has the sun on its antlers. In this incredibly intimate and direct cinema approach, the experiences of a nomadic migratory trip made by a group of Evenki reindeer herders is told with a timeless and unique style by filmmaker Marina Kalinina. Through 500 kilometres of beautiful landscapes, harsh conditions and minus 45 degree temperatures, this film captures the daily trials, tribulations and routines of one family that still survives according to ancient ways of living.

Born in the Yakutia Russian Republic, Marina Kalinina (Even) has an extensive filmmaking background, from the horror film Naakara in 2006 to the intimate point-of-view documentary Shergin’s Mine and her current documentary series about World War Two. Put’ k solnsu caught the eye of imagineNATIVE programmers at the Skabmogovat Film Festival in Finland earlier this year.

If you wonder, who is Sardana Savvina, so here is the clue. It was her, who made two Yakutian movies screening at The Imagine Native Film + Media Art Festival possible!

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