Ice fishing in an anabranch of the Lena River in the area of Yakutsk, Siberia / Russia

Ice fishing in Yakutsk, Republic of Sakha, Russia.

Ice fishing in Yakutsk, Republic of Sakha, Russia.

This morning I went out for a regular dog walk. With Ogonyok, 1-yo Yakutian laika (learn more about this dog breed), we headed to the anabranch of the Lena River located just in front of the block I live in.

In summer, it is visited mostly by city people striving for swimming. In winter, it becomes a sort of Mecca for ice fishermen. This day was not exception. On the ice, we spotted a dozen of men sitting with rods and bending over holes.

Though it was around -30 C and me not being enough warmly dressed, it took just a few sec to make a decision and move through snow to the nearest ice fishing spot. Yeah, my purpose was pretty simple… to take photographs of how ice fishing was done.

Unfortunately, cold weather took its own and made me freezing in 15 min and wishing to get back to a warm apartment as fast as possible. So, I’ve got 10 winter fishing pictures to show. Click on thumbnails to see them in large size.

I talked to the man. He fell in love with ice fishing from childhood. In winter, when he has free days, he tries to get on the ice. He comes to fish in the morning around 9-10 am and stay till 4-5 pm. In the course of the day, he can catch 15 or 20 fishes… perches or roaches.

Does he eat caught fishes? He says, Yes.

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