Siberian Hachiko from Yakutsk, Yakutia / Russia [video]

This homeless dog became famous. Resident of Yakutsk, Russia’s Yakutian city, was astonissed at the story of the dog.

In the harsh condition of the cold winter weather, he spent weeks behind his frozen beloved. When he was found, the corpse was taken away and he was put in a kennel in the farest suburb.

Imagine what happened the next. He escaped and went all the way back to that place and he didn’t want to leave that spot, where he lost his love.

Here’s what you can read in many news stories on the net now:

«For several weeks, a dog from Yakutia named Hachiko has remained beside the lifeless body of another dog, his female friend, in minus 50 degree weather. The dog has been celebrated as a true hero on Internet forums. Moved by the dog’s loyalty, locals have been feeding him every day and have even decided to build him a warm doghouse.
The dog was named Hachiko in honor of a famous Japanese dog whose owner died of a heart attack. Every day for seven years the dog would go to the train station to greet his owner, and every day he would leave alone. // RIA Novosti»


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