Winter Welcome Celebration in Yakutsk, Yakutia, Siberia / Russia [photos]

Winter starts from Yakutia. Winter celebration in Yakutsk, Russia.

Winter starts from Yakutia. Winter celebration in Yakutsk, Russia.

Winter starts from Yakutia. Winter celebration in Yakutsk, Russia.

Winter starts from Yakutia! This is how a new travel project is called. What’s that? A good question.

Officials, who are responsible for tourism development in Russia’s Republic of Sakha-Yakutia, have been thinking over tricks of attracting tourists to Yakutia. They spent much time on that work. Indeed, it was a hard mission.

Yakutia is located pretty far away and, moreover, it’s huge and impossible to travel across in a short span of time and see all exotic things at once. What to do?


Three years ago, Yakutsk City Hall held its first Stroganina Festival. Stroganina is a delicous national dish made out of the fresh frozen Arctic broad whitefishes, whitefishes, and white salmons. See the above photo. By the way, the full photo report on that event is available at

Yakutsk people liked such an event. As a result, it is arranged now annually in the early December. Locals started thinking why not inviting friends and other people to Yakutsk just for the sake of Stroganina Fest.

Early, the Yakut myth hero named Chyskhaan (The Bull of Frost) became popular among local people and used commonly in New Year public events. Nowadays, winter is not imagined without Chyskhaan. It became a Yakut version of Santa Clause and Russia’s Father the Frost.

Hey, by the way, a few times the Pole of Cold Festival in Oymyakon was arranged with all those three winter heroes, Yakutia’s Chyskhaan, Russia’s Ded Moroz (Father the Frost) and Lapland’s Santa Clause.

Since than, Ded Moroz from the Russian city of Veliky Ustyug tends to come to Yakutsk and borrow the cold from Chyskhaan’s hand and continue carrying it across the country to the West and declaring the soon-coming Happy New Year.

Oops, what am I trying to tell you? Oh, yeah, it seems that in the early December we are going to have the annual event called Winter Starts from Yakutia. In short, it will be the moment when we welcome the winter and send it to the rest of the world with all our Yakutian (read, Siberian) greetings.

Apart from the Winter welcome ceremony, we’ll have many other interesting events such as the Stroganina Festival, Ice Sculpture Contests, etc.

Below, please, see photographs taken during the Winter Welcome celebration with Yakutia’s Chyskhaan and his Russian fellow, Ded Moroz (Father the Frost) on one of the city’s major square.

Forgot one thing. It’s better to celebrate the winter, otherwise you’ll be left without snow for Christmas and New Year. Just can’t imagine how it is possible to Merry Christmas & Happy New Year without puffy white snowflakes.

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