Yakutian cows lost and survived in the Siberian taiga and… got back home

Survived Yakutian cows in Siberia, Russia

Survived young Yakutian cows in North Yakutia, Siberia, Russia. Photo from SakhaPress.ru

Survived young Yakutian cows in North Yakutia, Siberia / Russia. Photo from SakhaPress.ru

These three poorly-looking young Yakutian cows are big news in Russia. No kidding. They were lost in the autumn near the settlement of Sakkyryr in Eveno-Bytantaysky National District of North Yakutia, Russia, and managed to survive in taiga in extremely cold weather and got back home alive.

Here is the story.

Local farmers report that there had been six two-year-old Yakutian cows lost in the late autumn. They assumed that animals could die, especially after the arrival of the harsh minus-forty-degrees-centigrade frost, and stopped searching the lost cattle.

Just imagine how they were astonished, when seeing three of cows returned to the farm.

Experts say that in the autumn animals crossed the river near Sakkyryr and, when rains started pouring and the river was filled with high waters, they got isolated.

Instead of trying to swim and get drown, cloven-hoofed ones went into the nearest taiga and spent there all the time untill the river got finally covered with thick ice.

Three other cows have died. One of them was torn by wolves. How could the returned ones manage to survive in cold weather conditions? Was it enough for them to eat old grasses, twigs, and barks?

Local farmers say that Yakutian cows are very special and naturally adopted to harsh conditions.

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