Osuokhay, Sakha Round Dance Beyond Time & Space [video+music]

Mira Maximova is a talented Sakha composer, who currently lives in China. Many might know her as a YouTuber ExUmira2. On her channel there are a lot of songs written and performed by her. A few years ago China closed the access to YouTube and now she can’t upload her new songs.

Recently she sent me the song Osuokhay, Sakha Round Dance Beyond Time & Space and asked, if I can post it on the website. Sure, Mira. That’s what I am doing now. Moreover, I made a slideshow with my photographs.

Further find information on the song dedicated to the Sakha traditional round dance known as Osoukhay.

Song: Mira Maximova.
Leading voice: Alex Montyro.
Photos: Bolot Bochkarev.
In pictures: Osuokhai during Stroganina Festival in Yakutsk, 12 Dec. 2009.

Dance Description:

Universal unity of people is symbolized by round dance with singing of Osuokhay, meaning existential circle. Dancers sing and move slowly with the motion of the Sun, as if following constant flow of life in time and space and giving the contribution of gratitude to heavenly bodies for their light and warmth given to people of Earth. The dance proceeds continuously till morning; in past Osuokhay has been sung for three days and nights. It is considered that everybody in a circle is charged with energy for the whole year. The ritual symbolizes the birth of Universe and Man.


Eh- hey-eh-hey-eh-hey-kay!
I’m so honored here today!
To be with you all and say!

We are starting Osuokhay!
The roundelay of Sakha!
Let us speak out from the soul!
Our best regards to all!

May your inner mind be free!
May your breath be long and deep!
Always live your life in peace!
Live your life in harmony!

And let all-embracing Love!
Melt the ice inside your heart!
Make your body strong and hard!
Make You beautiful and smart!

Let deep wisdom grow up!
Wisdom that lives deep inside!
May you be from now on!
Good-looking, clever and strong!

May you always live in peace!
Let your mind be clean and free!
Let us wish to all our friends!
Kind regards and all the best!

We all dance and sing today!
Universal roundelay!
Dance is energizing us!
It is filling us with love!

We all have to realize!
That the Universe is one!
It wants love from all of us!
So space could be lighten up!

We are having round dance!
And the light surrounds us!
Due to our dance today!
The world became a better place!

So, My Friends, I want to say!
Let us change ourselves today!
Let us try to do our best!
To live lives with no regrets!

Eh- hey-eh-hey-eh-hey-kay!
Let us wish to all our friends!
Kind regards and all the best!


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