Tundra City in Udachny, Russia — Architectural Project Mentioned by eVolo

Tundra City in Udachny, Russia. Architecture Project by Pavel Sipin.

Tundra City in Udachny, Russia. Architecture Project by Pavel Sipin.

Tundra City in Udachny, Russia. Architecture Project by Pavel Sipin.

Russian architect Pavel Sipin’s project «Tundra City» (a futuristic city located in the abandoned Udachny diamond pit in West Yakutia’s Mirninsky region) deserved Honorable Mention at eVolo’s 2012 Skyscraper Competition.

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The city of Udachny is used for the futuristic city architectural project not for the first time. Its name means «lucky» in the Russian language, but its fate doensn’t look as such.

In the very beginning, everything seemed really awesome. In 1955, the Udachnaya pipe diamond deposit was discovered. As it was located in the remote area, the pit exploitation started in the 60s. The city of the same name was founded in 1968.

Now it looks this way.

Udachny Russia. Photo by Wiki.

In the Soviet era, this place could be considered as a happy industrial city, but bad time arrived after the 1.7 kilotonne atomic bomb blast in October 1974. People realized that environment in the North were too vulnerable and it would better not to play with it.

Soviet architects developed even the project «City Under the Dome» and, yes, in the diamond pit, but it was put in the archive. Decades later, Pavel Sipin revived the theme of futuristic Udachny City.

Here’s how his project was described at 2012 Skyscraper Competition:

«Tundra City is located in the exhausted diamond mine “Lucky” which is the geographical center of the entire Russian Tundra – the last point of urbanization of the Russian North.»

«The tundra is an unexplored region, which hardly anyone wants to go. It is associated with a “hole” due to poor living conditions. The Russian government has paid attention to the prospect and huge potential benefits of developing the region to the whole the country. This has been facilitated by the existing geopolitical threat posed by the rapidly development of China, India, and other countries.»

«Tundra City is a launching pad to address the problems of the region: population, development of infrastructure, creation of new industry, agriculture, science, and culture.»

«Tundra City is a new ark, which will gather people together for a new life, new qualified scientists and workers will grow, who will put the Yakut ideas into practice. The tradition of the Yakut people is dominated by the heart-“olonkho”. The Center (a symbolic heart) is built of 11 modules – logs, including the following areas: scientific, social, agro-industrial, residential, relaxation, hospitality, educational, and industrial. Two blocks (expedition and station) are located on the surface; the rest of the program is located underneath. A central skeleton supports spatial structures while residential unit are built around an H section, in which the central wall is complemented by a number of locked houses. Academic (scientific) units are built of space trusses. Agro-industrial unit consists of a structure of massive floors, fixed on the central bearing wall.»

Ok. I would just say, «Another nice project to discuss and dream about.»:)

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