«Mow, Scythe» (Kosi Kosa). Short Film Made in Republic Sakha-Yakutia, Russia

Lyubov Borisova, founder of AL LOOK STUDIO production studio (company profile on MadeInYakutia.com), sent me a message saying they made a new short movie. It’s called «Mow, Scythe.» A story about two young Sakha boys, who mow grass in the countryside with their grandfather. Two boys go through a conflict and, thanks to god, there is a wise old man, who resolved the uneasy situation.

The movie is set near Churapcha village in the central part of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Russia’s East-North Siberia. Short in the course of the so-called mowing period. It is in the 2nd half of the summer when villages prepare hays for feeding cattles in the wintertime.

The above video with English subtitles. The link to the Russian version.

Actors are not professional. They are ordinary villages.

Vasily Sazonov (old man)
Nikolay Sozanov (Kolya)
Nyurgun Kozharov (Nyurgun)
Evgeny Toskin (Uncle Zhenka)

Director: Edward Khomus
Sound Editor & Producer: Alexander Lukin
Animation: Grigory Maximov
Artist: Lyubov Borisova

Shot by Canon EOS 7d
Language: Sakha (Yakut) with Russian subtitles.

Production: Nomad Studio
Released in 2012.

Award: Winner at North Family Film Festival in Yakutsk.

AL LOOK STUDIO Contact Information:
Email: allookstudio {at} mail.ru
Phone: +79142273266
Address: Yakutsk, Russia.

2 Comments on “«Mow, Scythe» (Kosi Kosa). Short Film Made in Republic Sakha-Yakutia, Russia

  1. Sakha cinema is so inspiring to me — there are so many great films being made right now, even with simple equipment. I love natural acting, too. Thanks for posting this, Bolot!