Olonkho, Heroic Epos from Siberia’s Yakutia. Timofei Stepanov’s paintings. Ayarkhaan’s song

Olonkho is the Sakha people’s major cultural heritage, that was later proclaimed by UNESCO as the world’s oral & intangible masterpiece. It is a heroic epic tale that might narrated by up to 20,000 verses. It is told by a Olonkho singer or story-teller.

In the previous post «Olonkho, Sakha heroic epos, in Timofei Stepanov’s painting The Upper World«, I wrote that the famous Yakutian artist, Timofei Stepanov, appeared to be the first, who depicted the Sakha heroic epic «Olonkho» in the series of paintings.

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I noted, «Timofei Stepanov was named as a Olonkho story-teller in fine arts. Indeed, one painting is like one big tale with many small stories.» After, I offered to see my iPhone photographs of fragments of one art piece called «The Upper World.» In the end, I promised to continue the topic.

This time, I made a slideshow with fragments of four paintings done by him, when he was alive. Unfortunately, he passed away and all his major works were created during the Soviet time. Now his masterpieces might be seen at Yakutian National Fine Arts Musuem in Yakutsk.

In the video, I used the song «My Heart» (The «Sound of Ancient Land Olonkho») sang by Albina Degtyareva, a founder of the Ayarkhaan ensemble.

The song is about mother’s love. Think, it comes pretty good with images.

Enjoy! Tell me what you think about it and, please, share.

PS. By the way, in the first painting, you could see scenes from the major Sakha holiday called Ysyakh. We’ll celebrate it in Yakutsk in the last weekend of June. See posts tagged under Ysyakh.

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