Suzanna Oorzhak’s «Leaving Hong Kong» movie. Made in Yakutia, Siberia/Russia.

Leaving Hong Kong (Pokidaya Blagouhayushuyu Gavan, i.e. Leaving Fragrant Harbour in Russian) is the movie directed by Suzanna Oorzhak, Sakha Theater stage director, and based on Iren Engelis’s script.

Shot on the EOS 5D Mark II camera. Released in 2011.

Movie Synopsis:

A young Siberian lady lives in Hong Kong. She wears a manga dress and feels herself as a part of the mordern civilization. One day she realizes she is loosing her roots and connections with her far-away people. She is a Yakut by nationality. Leaves behind the beautiful life, she returns her home on permafrost.

About the director

Suzanna Oorzhak is a daughter of a Tuvan film director. Arrived in Yakutsk to find her style. Works as a stage director in Sakha Theater.

Here’s what she says about her film.

«We are not nationalists,» — says Suzanna. «We just see that such native peoples like Evens, Tuva, Yakuts might disappear, as the globalization is gaining ground and we are getting used to see the pop corn mainstream instead of the unique cultures of small nations…»

In the video… might see Stepanida Borisova, a famous Sakha actress, who became to be known as the first performer of Siberian shamanic songs in Europe.

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