World Without Sounds That Crowded by Gestures

A couple days ago, in the Republican Special Correlation School and Internat  — had as always been showed a charity campaign «Spread the wise, good and eternal!» which was organized by the students of NEFU with the help of teachers Maria Ivanovna and Lilia Ivanovna: «Friendship begins with a smile.»

Holiday «What a wonderful world» had set a goal to raise children tolerance, humanity, and to promote healthy lifestyle and develop students’ initiative in learning process and in life as well. With a smile on his face teachers of NEFU and pupils was gathered in the hall of the boarding school and  began their celebration watching a presentation about North — Eastern Federal University in brief .


From 13 regions (ykt: ulus), 82 children are learning to speak and hear. In the last year, the school celebrated its diamond jubilee. From the begining much has changed, but spacious, wide and huge desire to help everyone is kept.


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