— Because this country offers so much…

Florian Stammler|eyakutia.com|All Rights Reserved

Florian Stammler|eyakutia.com|All Rights Reserved

Watch in YouTube: An interview with Florian Stammler about current works and trip in Yakutia

— Hello Florian, great to meet you.

— Nice to meet you.

— It’s great that you here, and your whole plan, so please, and there is my first question, tell me about your publication «Mobile Phone revolution in the Tundra«?

— Mobile Phone revolution in the Tundra is the name of article that I published in an antropological journal, and it’s about what happens among tundra nomads and from today, suddenly tomorrow have mobile phone connections and how does a life changes. I found that the consequences of introduction of these mobile phones, there are absolutely heart — breaking, were really big consequences, a lot of that perceptions of space changes, suddenly lifestyle changes, people change that who never talking about and started to talk with people that had never talk before. Obviously there was financial, so many many different things was changed. I just gave a name ‘phone revolution’ for that beacuse it is really quite big change which we can also see in other regions of the world

— Your work is about indigenious people that living in the Russia. What’s the big idea that you are doing for these days in Yakutia?

— Well, to be honest the big idea… this is very welcome opportinuty to me to meet with very good friends that living here, in Yakutsk, Yakutia. And the occasion for that was the speak conference that the rector of university (NEFU) was organized and gave me an opportunity to get here. And I’m really looking for hang up with friends. That’s one of the main reasons, and obviously we did it a lot works in these three days and I think I’m quite happy with.

— All people have hobbies, so tell me about your special hobbies that you are doing in Yakutia?

— If I would find a time in Yakutia I would go to an ‘ulus’, and to climb some mountains, or do some snowboarding, or go to nomadic reindeer herdings, and sit and write there. I have many other things and ideas what I would like to do in this wonderful country which is going up with in the Lena river, go to Tiksi (that’s one of my dreams) I would like to drive myself a car onto Kalymskaya trassa to Magadan and it would be really great too. So many different things because this country offer so much.

So for now just start to watch the video here :)  for full impression :)

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  1. Thansk a lot to Florian :) Great meeting you.