Students of philological faculty launched a media project «Prozhektor»

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«Prozhektor» (eng. ‘spotlight’) and the main idea around it is as a project to get an instant experience in their future profession while learning theory. Each coming new issue has to have a new team: new editor, proofreaders, reporters, designers and so on. «Practice makes perfect» is their unofficial motto. Start is always a zero because in their profession its effective communication lead to the first step to succeed and to finish before deadline.

We had a talk with the project’s founder Albert Nikanorov.

«To come up with the idea, the main task is to gather people interested in it and launch it. There wasn’t any entrepreneurial risk because I had a technical foundation to make it. I just needed some money. In the early days, helped us by investing in the project.»

Obvious to say now that combining two technologies, two areas of making print and digital newspaper is an obsolete way to achieve new readers. But in the late 2009, it was new in the walls of the faculty. Albert Nikanorov, in the freshman year, propagated an idea to create an own online news website in order to reach wider audience and to tell about faculty and their students in general.


«I had constantly been reading The New York Times in my Nokia 6300 from time to time  on my a little tiny display. But the site itself worked great though! I wanted to make the prototype just to learn about technologies behind it. Because it wasn’t just pure HTML/CSS. So I did. For a long time the project was in the bud — in technical terms, it had almost been implemented , but had not received a huge response. Then I suggested to combine two different segments — internet and the process of newspaper making and Oleg Gavrilyevich, head of journalism department, said «Let’s do this!». As I said I re-created a website, because doing it from scratch was just waste of time, I think the smart way was to make a design using CMS, and attracted students» — says Albert.

Prozhektor is all about focus and feedbacks. For students — to write and keep portfolios online; for news gathering organizations — to find future workers more effectively than ever. And everyone will be happy.

«Now we need more tools than ever. Everybody can write, but in order to succeed, we need the tools. That’s the point.» — for Albert, 2014 is the graduate year to finish long journey that started in the late 2009 in the dormitory room.

In the current time print and online versions of newspapers are continue publishing twice a month by collaboration works of students . They are working to increase the frequency of the newspaper.

All the knowledge gained in the classroom ,  from the beginning going to be used in practice. «It’s more interesting way to teach our students — they are starting from nothing and doing everything need has to be done to achieve the result and get it in the shortest terms.» — sharing with thoughts the project manager Lena N. Pavlova , associate professor of journalism.


«This way helps to students learn to work in two different segments of the media market , while getting a lot of experience and knowledge not only in designing print version, but also in the creation of interactive appearance for his articles on the site ,» — adds Elena Nikolaevna.

Also, for the advantages can be noted the fact that hosted materials for «Prozhektor» a great opportunity «keep» own portfolio arranged by data for each student. Every material they published will be entered in a special section in the storage . And when a student decides , for example, to find a job in any publication , he/she can show  his/her portfolio to employers.

In the future, this project is expected to develop to a full print and online newspaper with a large audience in order to convey to readers the most current and accurate information . And what the students have done today, they may be valuable as the staff for employers in the future.

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