UPDATE, March 03, 2011: Join us for a last look at this stunning photo exhibition. The curator will be on hand to answer any questions you may have about the coldest place on earth. We’ll also have refreshments. Children are welcome! More details on the facebook event page. Proud to announce the opening of the photo exhibition On the Road of Bones: Ghosts of the Siberian Gulag Along the Old Kolyma Highway featuring my, Nastya Borisova and Ajar Varlamov’s winter photographs of this year’s Journey to Oymyakon, the…

The Yakuts consider Kihilyakh to be a sacred place. It is believed that stone pillars in the upper part of the Verkhoyansk mountains concentrate health-healing powers. People come to that place, pray to mountains’ spirits asking for having grace on them and giving blessing. Take a look at Ajar Varlamov‘s unique set of photographs taken in Kihilyakh in July 2010.

Watch Ajar Varlamov’s photos of the blooming tundra at the Lena Delta in Yakutia, Russia’s Siberia. 94 summer photographs of awesome Arctic nature. Pictures were taken in the course of his short vacation to the Lena-Nordensheld biological station in the Bulunsky region of Siberia’s Yakutia on June 25 — July 1, 2010.

Ajar Varlamov is awesome as usual. When the Lena River flood started [it was on May 20, 2010], he travelled from Yakutsk north to Namzy. He didn’t make it to the final destination. He was stopped in the village of Tulagino. The rest part of the so-called Namzy highway, the 2nd existing asphalt road near Yakutsk, was totally flooded by high waters of the Lena River. An unpleasant accident happened to Ajar. When he stood on the brink of the asphalt road in the area of the flooding,…

Ajar Varlamov is like a good Santa. He keeps getting gifts out of his bag. Recently he visited Yakutsk Crafts Exhibition and brought many photographs of Even national clothes, accessories and attributes. The event was held in Kruzhalo Trade Center in March of 2010. See his pics.

On March 1st, 2010, Klavdia & Guerman Khatylaevs gave a concert in the Siberian city of Yakutsk. Apart from them, various Yakut artists performed in that evening. And it can be seen in this introduction video. eYakutia.com says many thanks to its contributor Ajar Varlamov. Take a look at Ajar Varlamov’s videos and photographs.

Here we go! Ajar Varlamov’s photo report on his recent dog sledding along the Lena River to the Lena Pillars National Park, one of the biggest in the Siberia’s Republic of Yakutia. Major heroes in his pictures are, certainly, Yakutian laikas (representatives of the famous Siberian huskies). 24 photos

Just a few Ajar Varlamov’s photographs of Yakutian laikas (a type of Siberian huskies) taken in the course of his recent dog sledding to Lena’s Pillars.

Ajar Varlamov, a friend of mine, rocks. Yesterday he visited 2010 Yakutsk Yakut/Sakha Knives Fair. He was really lucky. He had taken pictures of the famous Yakut knives before they were sold out. See his 35 elected photographs.

Tuyara Shaposhnikova is a Yakutsk-based artist. Photos by Ajar Varlamov. See more art pieces.