AYARKHAAN performs «Dedication to the Blacksmiths’ Patron» in Royal Albert Hall, London/UK. The music event took place on 23 July 2011. Greetings from Yakutia, the biggest Siberian region! SPREAD IT WORLDWIDE VIA FACEBOOK! Video credit: http://www.nicofinder.net/watch/sm15236272 PS. Many thanks we say to Andrey Aka Khomuschut, who brought this video public.

Olonkho is the Sakha people’s major cultural heritage, that was later proclaimed by UNESCO as the world’s oral & intangible masterpiece. It is a heroic epic tale that might narrated by up to 20,000 verses. It is told by a Olonkho singer or story-teller. In the previous post «Olonkho, Sakha heroic epos, in Timofei Stepanov’s painting The Upper World«, I wrote that the famous Yakutian artist, Timofei Stepanov, appeared to be the first, who depicted the Sakha heroic epic «Olonkho» in the series of paintings. See Olonkho-related posts…

Never stop admiring Albina Degtyareva, the Ayarkhaan female ensemble, who is doing all the best to promote the Yakut knomus music around the world. And it’s so sad she’s doing all that for free. Enjoy!

Albina Degtyareva’s AYARKHAAN female ensemble is giving three concerts in London, UK, on October 21-22, 2011. Learn more about the group and concerts’ time & locations.

Good news for world music admirers and fans of the Ayarkhaan trio. July 24, 2011, Albina Degtyareva‘s Ayarkhaan Trio performed at the BBC Proms (Royal Albert Hall) in London, UK. «Three Sakha women from Siberia blew the audience away with their unearthly sounds of jew’s harp and animal imitation. It was truly amazing,» Misha Maltsev reports.

Famous Yakut singers and musicians, Legentej, Klavdia and Guerman Khatylaevs, Albina Degtyareva, Ayarkhaan and others, decided to support the Olympic Games movement. They performed Scorpions’ hit «We are the champions!» in the Yakut (Sakha) language. The video was shot in the ice tunnel «The Kingdom of Everlasting Permafrost» in Yakutsk, Yakutia/Siberia in January 2010. Hope YouTube

It seems like I won’t be ever tired of promoting Albina Degtyareva, a bright representative of the Yakut national (khomus/jews harp) music, and her Ayarkhaan team. I really like the music of the world (or world music) and she is in the top list of music artists a must to listen to. She produced many music albums — solo and with her band «Ayarkhaan.» You can come across her tracks on many download music websites and see her khomus play in many YouTube videos. She’s got many fans,…