September 23rd, 2013, was a remarkable day in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia, Russia’s Siberia. It was the day when people woke up and saw the first snow on the ground and trees. Awesome! Winter almost arrived! Reportedly, it was snowing in Nerungri & Aldan (South Yakutia), Lensk & Mirny (West Yakutia), Olenek (North Yakutia). Almost everywhere, apart from Central Yakutia with Yakutsk. See more photos!

Ajar Varlamov’s photo. In Russia’s Yakutia, May is the time when we say, «Finally, the spring arrived and snow is almost gone.» It is the time to enjoy snowdrops. Like icebreak on rivers, these magic flowers are a symbol of the spring.

Early October was like that. Snow fell. The sun appeared. Snow started melting in the daytime and turning into ice at night and truckers became the most unhappy human beings in Siberia’s Yakutia. Driving ice-covered roads is dangerous now. Many vehicles can be seen in ditches. Above and below, please, see winter photographs taken on the Lena Highway between Aldan and Yakutsk in the Southern part of Yakutia the last weekend. Painful sights.