Watch this video done by a friend of mine, Dmitry, also known as UF58, in Yakutia’s Chersky Range last summer, and you’ll get an idea of what to do first, when meeting a brown bear in the Siberian wildness. UF58 is a Yakutsk-based mountain climber and trekker, and a great photographer. His travel reports (in Russian) are usually published at Dmitry prefers to hike mountains alone. In August 2010, he was in the Chersky Range. When he saw a bear, he thought it was a lonely horse….

In former Soviet days only secretary-generals and astronauts were given the honor of having sculptures when they were alive. Nowadays, even a dog, of remote taiga, can admire its own sculpture. Nevertheless, the monument dedicated to a faithful companion is the first experience in Yakutia. How did a shaggy haired hero deserve such high recognition? In short, by faithful, self-denying service to his master – Nikolay Kalitin, an Evenk writer, whose ancestral farm has hosted that unique sculpture work. That’s the very way Nikolay decided to celebrate the…

This morning on the way to my work I saw dogs playing on the main square. As I love saying, it was another cold morning in Russia’s Siberian city of Yakutsk. The temp was minus 40 degrees Celsius. Dogs and extreme cold weather… What a cute mixture! They are not frozen… Alive! Joyful! Cute!

This winter fun video became popular in Yakutsk initially. Reindeer liked a woman and decided to attack her. Now it appeared on YouTube. Have a good day!

Yup, it is possible to meet wolves in Siberia’s Yakutia, Russia. In this case you can see six of them. The video was recorded by a mobile from the car on an ice road along the Lena River in winter. Delivered by a guy nicknamed as SnuSmumr1k.

See the first portion of old photos. 42 photographs. Scanned and presented by Misha Maltsev, a London-based Yakutian. My comment: I think scanned old book pictures have their own aesthetics.