Yesterday on — English Yakutia facebook page (so, please, follow us on it as well) I have already broken the news about our Yakutian ice sculptors’ victory in the 2011 ice carving competition at “Ice on Whyte” Ice Sculpture Festival in Edmonton, Alberta/Canada. Now I am going to repeat it again: Woo hoo! Artists of Yakutia, Fedor Makarov and Alexei Andreev, won the ice sculptures competition in Canada! So proud of our fellows!

Guess, who Russia’s best ice sculptor is at the moment. Right you are. Alexander Shadrin from Yakutia. On the Russian Christmas Eve, the Yakut artist was recognized and declared the winner of the Russian ice sculpture tournament consisted of three stages held in Murmansk, St. Petersburg and Moscow. Mr. Shadrin earned the Grand Prix and the right to design and make ice sculptures for 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. Alexander Shadrin participated in all three stages of the tournament in Murmansk, St. Petersburg and Moscow. At each place,…

On March 1st, 2010, Klavdia & Guerman Khatylaevs gave a concert in the Siberian city of Yakutsk. Apart from them, various Yakut artists performed in that evening. And it can be seen in this introduction video. says many thanks to its contributor Ajar Varlamov. Take a look at Ajar Varlamov’s videos and photographs.

Matrena Kashkina’s photographs of the Sakha Theater’s new play «Dygyn Darkhan» based on Ivan Gogolev’s novel of the same name. The play even in pictures looks awesome! Fantastic Yakut national costumes. See more photos.

Tuyara Shaposhnikova is a Yakutsk-based artist. Photos by Ajar Varlamov. See more art pieces.