The video was shot on the ice road on the Laptev Sea in the area of Bulunsky ulus. That’s the Arctic region of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). In short, Siberia’s Arctic. A truck started its way in the village of Nizhneyansk (the Lena Delta) and reached the Laptev Sea. Offscreen voices belong to a driver and a passenger, who expressed their astonishment about how vast and white the sea is, etc., etc.

Tiksi, Yakutia’s Arctic sea port, in May is like Yakutsk in April, Moscow and Europe in February. Yet windy and snowy. But it’s time for snow to start melting partly and people to dress in less super warm clothes. No more polar nights. Instead, you begin enoying white nights. An awesome place to visit in Siberia’s North. See more photos taken in May of 2009.