It’s already a good tradition. Annually, Mammoth Yakutsk Off-Road Club arranges the spring race, that officially opens the season for the club’s all-terrain events. It happens in April, when snow is still on the ground. This year was not exception. Last weekend, the club held the snow race tournament called «Spring Melting.» Participants were devided into different categories depending on a vehicle type and they needed to compete who would come to the finish line first. Ok. No more words, take a look at my following photographs.

Yesterday I took photographs of how truck drivers — Michael Zakharov and his four sons — were preparing for this year’s last long run on the winter road from Yakutsk to Srednekolymsk, Kolyma area of North-East Yakutia, Siberia, Russia. A long ride, indeed, and very risky. Around 2500 km on one way through the Kolyma federal road (settlements of Khandyga and Ust Nera) and the Arctic winter road (Ust Nera — Sasyr — Zyryanka — Srednekolymsk).

What can happen, when ice road truckers take a risk and cross the river on the thin ice in spring? Their trucks fall through the ice and drivers kill much time to extract their vehicles. Take a look. This video was shot on the Indigirka River in the area of Oymyakon. This is in Yakutia, Siberia / Russia. Time was the late spring, April. A kinda exciting adventure, but it wasn’t funny for drivers.

On April 25, 2010, the day before the snowstorm, Mammoth Yakutsk Off-Road Club hosted the city’s GPS orienteering contest. Further, please, see the photographs of top participants. A team of Pokrovsk (in the first following pic) won the competition. GPS orienteering is very popular in Yakutsk. Hard to recall, when it gained ground. I think, five years ago. All males/females, who do not spare their own off-road vehicle, consider it an honor to compete in collecting all marks with numbers (this time there were 72) faster than others….

Actually this car wasn’t frozen accidently. Its owner got it frozen for winter intentionally. Reasons are various. First, if the car is used the whole winter, it could work a short period of time only. Second, to have a warm, heated garage is relatively expensive. Such a garage in downtown may cost approx. 1,000,000 rubles (~33,000USD). A month heated garage rent cost ~300 USD. Third, a car consumes in cold weather more fuel than in summer, and one litre is sold here at the price of ~1 USD