To give an idea of Yakutsk weather in winter, take a look at yesterday’s street photographs. Fog, cold, and frozen snow. Lamps, billboards, and deer. Road signs, traffic lights and slow vehicles. Enjoy 10 winter street photographs from Russia’s Siberian city of Yakutsk.

A funny Russian TV Show about the exotic Siberian cuisine… if to be more precise, about the national food of Republic of Sakha-Yakutia, Russia. It’s in Russian, though you can understand everything. Don’t pay attention to what Yaz’ is telling, as no one is listening to him. It’s more about images and action. The TV program was shot in Yakutsk, Russia. In December 2012.

*Images are clickable. You might wonder how we live in winter in Yakutsk, the capital of the Sakha (Yakutia) Republic, Russia’s Siberia. Take a look at street photographs taken today in my neighborhood around 2 pm.

*Click the picture to see it in the full size. This is our New Year tree on the main square called Lenin in Yakutsk, Siberia / Russia. A photo was taken at 12:10 pm. Cold? Foggy? Looks festive? Ho ho ho, this is our winter holiday mood. That’s the coldest city on Earth! As far as you know, Russia celebrates the Happy New Year holidays mostly. According to the Russian Orthodox Church calendar, Christmas takes place on January 7th. Actually, it’s not a big event. Worshiped by church…

Last months I was pretty much busy with the arrangement of travels, expeditions and tours across the Sakha Republic (Yakutia), but, praise god, I’ve never forgot to take my camera along. So, here is some picks of winter travel photographies. In the following set you can see Russia’s Siberian city of Yakutsk, street photographs, the ice road across the Lena River, trucks stuck in the ice, the man cutting ice cubes for drinking water, fogs, city monuments, the Christmas / New Year tree, kids, etc. Lenin Square in…

So, what is it like to live in Russia’s Siberian city of Yakutsk on a day after the End of the World? Frankly, it’s a regular winter day in December. Foggy and cold a little. In a daytime we had minus 45 degrees Centigrade. We say it’s extremely cold, when it is already below -50C. Today it was like that, so it was a regular day. Below, see 11 winter street photographs taken in the downtown of Yakutsk, Russia. On Lenin Square. Shopping women, a group of joyful…

As you already noted, I am a big fan of Ajar Varlamov‘s photographs. This post with his images is already the 30th. The previous photo post with Ajar’s pictures was dedicated to the season shift from summer to autumn in Yakutsk, Russia. If you didn’t see it, you need to check it and come back to this post to continue following cold weather progress in the city considered to be the coldest on Earth.

Today is the third day of snow in Yakutsk, Russia. It seems it won’t melt till the next year’s spring. Winter arrived to our place! Walked around the city and took a few pics. Enjoy!

In February, as you might already know, I experienced just a magic reindeer sledding expedition across valleys and rivers of Oymyakon, East Yakutia, Russia’s Siberia. With the Even nomad family of the Cherkashins. Well, it was a sort of expedition to me, but not to reindeer herders. They considered two-day travel as a regular neighbourhood visit. No more words from me. Enjoy 70+ photographs.

In the late March, I had a chance to watch fishing on the Yana River near Batagai settlement in the Verkhoyansky area of North Yakutia, Siberia, Russia. In the above photo you can see the Yana River. Pretty complicated flow. This way all tundra rivers look. Yana is not exception. Further, find 12 photos of how ice fishing is done and what type of fishes are caught over there.