Enjoy Ajar Varlamov‘s photographs of spring. Yes, spring finally arrived in Yakutsk, Russia, and snow started melting fast. The temperature in a daytime might be already zero! In the city, snow is already seen hardly.

This homeless dog became famous. Resident of Yakutsk, Russia’s Yakutian city, was astonissed at the story of the dog. In the harsh condition of the cold winter weather, he spent weeks behind his frozen beloved. When he was found, the corpse was taken away and he was put in a kennel in the farest suburb. Imagine what happened the next. He escaped and went all the way back to that place and he didn’t want to leave that spot, where he lost his love.

Here is the video I’ve done this morning. My 3-month Yakut laika puppy, Ogonyok, is jumping over snow and… eating it. It seems he is ready to have snow fun for ages. He doesn’t know green grass yet. This video was done on the way to the tributary of the Lena River in Russia’s Siberian city of Yakutsk. Learn more about the Yakut laika at http://SiberianHuskies.co .

This morning on the way to my work I saw dogs playing on the main square. As I love saying, it was another cold morning in Russia’s Siberian city of Yakutsk. The temp was minus 40 degrees Celsius. Dogs and extreme cold weather… What a cute mixture! They are not frozen… Alive! Joyful! Cute! 🙂

Yesterday morning I had a short walk with my Yakut laika puppy, Ogonyok. Weather was not extremely cold in Russia’s Siberian city of Yakutsk. A little bit foggy and with -40C/-40F. Take a look at below pictures. No navigation on rivers in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) in winter. All waterways are frozen till next April. Next navigation will start in June and last through September. A view of the Yakutsk city river port that is actually not seen in the mist.

Great news! As someone said, «Oops, we did it again!» We launched the new website dedicated solely to the cutest Yakut laika dogs. Our dream became true. The resource is supported by Arctic Travel LLC, Lena Sidorova (a cynologist), Ajar Varlamov & me.. The Yakut laika is the unique Yakutia-originated breed of Siberian huskies. They’ve got blue eyes. They can run long distances for ever. They are the best hunters and herders’ helpers. They are so wonderful and beautiful that they apparently deserve your attention. Let’s make them…

I have friends, Ajar Varlamov and Lena Sidorova. They have a common friend, Anastacia Longinova. Last winter, actually in March, they travelled on dog sleds along the Lena River to the famous Yakutia’s Pillars (so-called stone trees south off Yakutsk). A sort of dog sledding holidays. The winter travel with Yakut laikas (a type of Siberian huskies) took 4 days. They overcame nearly 300 miles. Yup, it was extremely cold and windy, but it didn’t affect them. Guess what memories they’ve got now. Unforgettable! See more winter photographs.