A friend of mine, Roman Sofronov, has just returned from his other scientific expedition into the wilderness of the Momsky National Park located in the North-East of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia). When they had a rest, they spent spare time on fishing on the Inyali River. Fascinating place. Ice is still there and it didn’t melt even in the summer. See Roman’s photographs.

In the late March, I had a chance to watch fishing on the Yana River near Batagai settlement in the Verkhoyansky area of North Yakutia, Siberia, Russia. In the above photo you can see the Yana River. Pretty complicated flow. This way all tundra rivers look. Yana is not exception. Further, find 12 photos of how ice fishing is done and what type of fishes are caught over there.

This morning I went out for a regular dog walk. With Ogonyok, 1-yo Yakutian laika (learn more about this dog breed), we headed to the anabranch of the Lena River located just in front of the block I live in. In summer, it is visited mostly by city people striving for swimming. In winter, it becomes a sort of Mecca for ice fishermen. This day was not exception. On the ice, we spotted a dozen of men sitting with rods and bending over holes.

The 2nd day of Ilya’s Elanka — Buotama — Lena Pillars trip was also dedicated to fishing, but on the Buotama River, a Lena River tributary. The 1st day, as you know, was spent in the village of Elanka. The Buotama River mouth is located just in front of the Bulgunnyahtakh village (a neighboring settlement north off Elanka, a few minutes by a ride) on the east side of the Lena River. Further, find more photographs taken by Ajar Varlamov and some facts.

In June, Ilya Kovyakin, a friend of mine from Magadan, asked me to help him with fishing on the Lena River and travelling to Lena Pillars. He said, he would wish to do that in the course of 3 days. I was like, «My god, I am not a fisherman, I don’t have a boat, and I’ve heard that great fishing might happen in far away places… So…» Eventually, the idea arrived… Everything might be done on the way from Yakutsk to Lena Pillars with visiting three places…

It was a sort of revelation. I didn’t know that there were a few real fishing lodges in Yakutia, Siberia / Russia. Mostly, in Yakutia fishing is wild. I mean, it is done with such things as boats and tents. Below you can see pictures of the fishing lodge located on the Yudoma River in South-East Yakutia, Siberia / Russia. 5 hours from Ust Maya (map) by boat. The fishing lodge belongs to LORP, the major Lena River transport service company. It consists of the big wooden cottege…

This is really great! Received a message from Antoine Corbisier-Baland. He is a a Belgian tutor, who teaches the French at North-Eastern Federal University (former Yakutsk State University). Antoine sent his black-and-white photographs of Yakutia. I think, his pictures are great! Interesting and captive! In the above pictures: 1. On the river in October. 2. Crossing the Lena River on the way to Amga.

Kobyaj is located north from Yakutsk. It's the closest place where you can enjoy the view of the Verkhoyansk Range from the Lena River

I am pretty proud to present the region called Kobyaj. Below, please, find elected summer pictures (frankly saying, I have a lot of photographs, including winter ones). Kobyaj is people’s name for the Kobyajsky ulus located north from Yakutsk in Central Yakutia, Siberia/Russia. It is the only region (see the map) that includes partly the Lena River and the Verkhoyansk Range.

A Czech photographer Pavel Kolinsky was lucky enough to travel across the Lena Delta with local fishermen. Here is another set of photographs taken during his fascinating journey to the Arctic part of Siberia’s Yakutia.

Last Monday I and my friends, Ekaterina and Artyem, managed to get out of the town for fishing on the Lena River. In the morning weather was pretty sunny, but by 2 pm, the time, when we set out for the settlement of Tabaga, 1 hr ride by a car south off Yakutsk, it got cloudy. When we arrived to the river, it was raining and a gravel road down there became slushy and muddy. It was hard to get through, and the army of hungry bloodsuckers met…