Football is very popular sports in the Sakha Republic (Yakutia), Russia’s Siberia. The region has its own professional club called ‘Yakutia.’ Herein, you can watch a pretty cool commercial for Yakutia FC’s matches in May. Oh, you didn’t know that Yakutia has its own team?! Now you know! If you are in Yakutsk, take a chance to see how Yakutian fellows can play the real football.

Does people in Yakutia play football? Definitely, yes. Moreover, we’ve got Yakutia Football Club (wiki), that play in the Russian tournament in the Second Devision, and even children’s football school that prepare new players. Oh, my son, Aidar, by the way, started his training in the major children football school. I am so happy. Take a look at the photographs of kids’ first training on the major Tuymaada Stadium in Yakutsk, Russia, that took place two days ago.

The Yakutsk-based news portal is conducting the poll asking Internet users which one of football teams they support at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. Russia didn’t make it to the final, so it is not in the list. So… Poll results show that Yakutsk definitely loves Brazil. This national team is like a must to admire. By the way, I am among Brazil fans. In my case, I like their way of playing. They are artists, indeed. The town dwellers also support England and Germany……

Do you love football (soccer) as strong as kids of Yakusk do? :)) They do love this game and are ready to play it even when it is extremely cold outdoors. In this video boys are running for the ball, when it was below -45 degrees Centigrade.