Just to let you know what’s going on in Yakutia, Siberia / Russia. The summer 2011 appeared to be extremely hot. Last three weeks we had temperatures much above +30C. There were days with +42C. As a result, our precious forest (taiga) got set on fire immediately. Taiga is vulnerable. Here is what yesterday YSIA News Agency informed. Note: the text was translated by Sayyna Gogoleva and published without proof-reading.

Datcha at Sergelyakhsky Lake in Yakutsk, Yakutia / Russia. Last Friday. Below, please, see more photographs.

The English Russia blog has just published the photographs of ALROSA Airlines’ plane TU-154 flying Yakutsk-Moscow landed in the area of Izhma Airport, Republic of Komi.

Today a local blogger TUTOR shared the photographs of wild animals, fishes and a bird. The pics were taken in South Yakutia. See further major species of the Siberian wildlife. Elks, brown bears, sables, pikes, an owlet, snake, and a funny chipmunk. All of them are pretty awesome. Yeah, let’s protect them and their environment. Why not?

See twenty Masha Vasilieva’s photographs of Yakutia. They give the main idea of how the biggest Siberian region looks like in summer. Fantastic! Now I am waiting for summer to come. 1.5 month from now 🙂

There is a bunch of local friends, who love hiking through the real Siberian taiga near Yakutsk in summer. On June 6, 2006, three of them, Artem, Kallamish and Sergey went into the forest as usual. That time they decided to hike around the famous Kyjma Lake. Not a good place for BBQ, believe me. Kyjma is the place where a long time ago a shaman lived and died. At present young people do not have faith in the power of shaman and his everlasting presence on the…