Hereby, I am publishing Yegor Makarov’s photographs of Yakutian horse riders from different horse trekking expeditions across the Republic of Sakha-Yakutia, Russia’s Siberia. Yegor Makarov is a successful businessman, who lives and runs the Muus Khaya entertaining complex in Yakutsk, Russia. His big addiction is to travel across his vast homeland, and he is a big fan of the Yakutian horse, Yakutia-orginated horse breed. Currently, he is making a documentary and a book about the Yakutian horse. Meanwhile, he shares his passion with you.

A week ago, my friends and I visited Valera Varlamov’s Yakut horse breeding farm in the area of Mytaah village in Gorny Ulus (district). 4 hours by car westward from Yakutsk, the administrative center of Yakutia, Siberia/Russia. If travelling with cheery friends, four hours go fast and pretty insensibly. If anyone doesn’t know what to do after museum visits in Yakutsk, to spend one day with woolly stocky Yakut horses and try horse trekking in real Siberian taiga is worth to embark one day travel.