This week Hublot Geneve, the Swiss watchmaker, presented the 2 MILLION € BB watch with Yakutian diamonds. More than 140 carats. 637 baguette diamonds. 1 rose cut diamond on the crown. As the company says, a Vendôme Tourbillon movement to appeal to more expert eyes. All diamonds were mined and polished in Yakutia. The way to go! Yakutian diamonds are worth to rock the world! «This is a unique piece, a one-off, an even wilder gamble, a breathtaking expression of expertise providing a level of purity, colour, cut,…

The video shows how industrialists work in the harsh environment conditions of Yakutia, Siberia/Russia. Not so much fun! Someone say that this clip was based on mobile videos done by the East Siberia — Pacific Ocean construction workers.

Last weekend, Vyacheslav Shtyrov gave an interview to the republic’s mass media. He talked about why he left the office of the President of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), what he is going to do, and what he achieved for his 8 years of presidency, and what the next president should do.

Two East Siberia — Pacific Ocean leakages in the course of one month are too much. Anxious is intensive.