AYARKHAAN performs «Dedication to the Blacksmiths’ Patron» in Royal Albert Hall, London/UK. The music event took place on 23 July 2011. Greetings from Yakutia, the biggest Siberian region! SPREAD IT WORLDWIDE VIA FACEBOOK! Video credit: http://www.nicofinder.net/watch/sm15236272 PS. Many thanks we say to Andrey Aka Khomuschut, who brought this video public.

Never stop admiring Albina Degtyareva, the Ayarkhaan female ensemble, who is doing all the best to promote the Yakut knomus music around the world. And it’s so sad she’s doing all that for free. Enjoy!

This is Juliana. She performs music by the Yakut musical instrument called Khomus. Juliana is well known in Yakutia, Siberia / Russia. By the way, she started her career in the first team of Albina Degtyareva’s Ayarkhaan female ensemble. At present, she performs solo and sounds powerful and looks effective. Watch her video clip «Uhuktuu» (Awakening), listen to mp3 and see screenshots in high resolutions.

A short video is dedicated to the biggest Yakut national holiday called Ysyakh (Yhyakh). Celebrated annually in June. Created by Vladimir Moonkuev. Music by Sasha Lukin. No words. The video conveys all the message. Enjoy! Certainly, you’re welcome to Yakutia in summer!

Good news for world music admirers and fans of the Ayarkhaan trio. July 24, 2011, Albina Degtyareva‘s Ayarkhaan Trio performed at the BBC Proms (Royal Albert Hall) in London, UK. «Three Sakha women from Siberia blew the audience away with their unearthly sounds of jew’s harp and animal imitation. It was truly amazing,» Misha Maltsev reports.

This is the video from the Live Music of the Silent Film event arranged by Kostas Danilov for cine amateurs in EPL’s Diamond House Cafe in Yakutsk (Yakutia / Russia) a couple of weeks ago.

Enjoy khomus (Yakut Jew’s harp) music and images of Yakutia in the amazing video slideshow created by Marianna Leontieva in 2008. The author lives in Moscow and she called the video «Khomus… A Yakutian’s Nostalgia…» Think, no additional info is required. By the way, Yakutsk will host the 7th International Jew’s Harp Society Congress on June 23-26, 2011. It will be held right before the Yasyakh national holiday celebration in the area of Ys Khatyn near Yakutsk. My god, my fingers are crossed, don’t want to miss this…

On March 1st, 2010, Klavdia & Guerman Khatylaevs gave a concert in the Siberian city of Yakutsk. Apart from them, various Yakut artists performed in that evening. And it can be seen in this introduction video. eYakutia.com says many thanks to its contributor Ajar Varlamov. Take a look at Ajar Varlamov’s videos and photographs.

A NTDTV report about Yakutia’s presentation in St. Petersburg.

The last Sunday in Yakutsk was remarkable with 2010 Etigen Khomus Music Award Ceremony. Etigen Khomus is Yakutia’s annual award granted to singers (variety performers) for their achievements in the course of the past year. This time for 2009. The Etigen Khomus Award Ceremony is held at the end of February or in the beginning of March. It is always a big event. The fantastic show arranged and organized by the Yakutsk Radio Station «Viktoria.» It’s very hard to get entrance tickets. Take a look at LARA’s award…