It is the 2nd part of the post Momsky Park in the Republic of Sakha-Yakutia, Siberia/Russia. This time see 32 summer and autumn photographs.

Winter is magic in Yakutia, indeed, but summer here is gorgeous! Need a proof? See 39 summer pictures of Momsky National Park below. What is Momsky Park? It is located in the northern-eastern part of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), precisely in the area of the upper and lower area of the Moma River in Momsky District. It occupies 1959.9 square hectare or, if with Eselyakh Reserve, 4361.3 square hectare.

Omg, I am already missing a magic winter in Yakutia. Take a look at my favourite Aikhal-based photographer Ruslan Ahmetsaphin‘s winter photographs taken in the areas of Aikhail, Mirny and other settlements of Western Yakutia. It is the land primarily famous for diamonds, but it is also the land of amazing cold Siberian nature — enigmatic forest (taiga), icy rivers, crispy snow, glowing stars, and fantastic Aurora Borealis.

See twenty Masha Vasilieva’s photographs of Yakutia. They give the main idea of how the biggest Siberian region looks like in summer. Fantastic! Now I am waiting for summer to come. 1.5 month from now 🙂