Yakutia is fascinating!.. Especially when seen by GoPro and Drons!

Great news arrived yesterday from UNESCO HQ in Paris. Yakutia’s Lena Pillars Nature Park was officially announced on Monday morning by The World Heritage Committee to be added to UNESCO’s World Heritage List. It was the last site to be inscribed during this year’s session. What is Lena Pillars Nature Park? Lena Pillars Nature Park is marked by spectacular rock pillars that reach a height of approximately 100 metres along the banks of the Lena River in the central part of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia). They were produced…

Here we go! Lena Pillars! The famous geological monument on the Lena River (Yakutia / Russia) was the third spot visited by Ilya Kovyakin, a friend of mine from Magadan, his family and Ajar Varlamov on their 3-day journey along one of the world’s biggest river.

Here is the first set of the Lena Pillars summer photographs taken by Elena Atlasova on June 2-4, 2011. Actually, she and her friends were the first, who managed to visit the famous geological monument on the Lena River this season. Enjoy the Lena and its stone pillars. By the way, the Government of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) is working hard on nominating the Lena Pillars National Park for the UNESCO Heritage list.

At the end of November, when the real Siberian winter was getting colder and colder, three young guys decided to ski from the village of Elanka to the famous Lena Pillars (stone pillars) located on the Lena River bank a few hundreds of km south from the city of Yakutsk. When they were doing skiing expedition, the outdoor temperature was minus 45 degrees Celsius. They say, it was pretty windy. Skiers overcame 50 km only, but spent 5 days on the way. These guys look pretty ordinary, but…

How to travel from Yakutsk to Lena Pillars on the Lena River? The most favourite mean is by comfortable river cruisers like «Demian Bednyj» or «Mikhail Svetlov». The cheapest and risky is by regular motor boats. But the most budget option is, certainly, by the old passenger ship «Mechanic Koulibin.» How long does Lena river cruise season last? If to plan travel to Lena Pillars, it is recommended to make it between June 1st and late September. If to travel far away like to the Arctic Circle or…

If by any chance you would be heading toward the Lena Pillars on a river cruise ship, I beg you, do not oversleep the first morning. Otherwise, you won’t see the beauty of the stone pillars on the Lena River in the glory of the rising sun… Let’s see, why I am telling you that. Further, please, find 26 photographs of the best reportage I’ve ever seen. Thanks a lot to InfoFlot’s author and my friends from Adventure.

See twenty Masha Vasilieva’s photographs of Yakutia. They give the main idea of how the biggest Siberian region looks like in summer. Fantastic! Now I am waiting for summer to come. 1.5 month from now

Here we go! Ajar Varlamov’s photo report on his recent dog sledding along the Lena River to the Lena Pillars National Park, one of the biggest in the Siberia’s Republic of Yakutia. Major heroes in his pictures are, certainly, Yakutian laikas (representatives of the famous Siberian huskies). 24 photos

Just a few Ajar Varlamov’s photographs of Yakutian laikas (a type of Siberian huskies) taken in the course of his recent dog sledding to Lena’s Pillars.