Good news for world music admirers and fans of the Ayarkhaan trio. July 24, 2011, Albina Degtyareva‘s Ayarkhaan Trio performed at the BBC Proms (Royal Albert Hall) in London, UK. «Three Sakha women from Siberia blew the audience away with their unearthly sounds of jew’s harp and animal imitation. It was truly amazing,» Misha Maltsev reports.

Watch Misha Maltsev’s documentary «Siberia at the Centre of the World — Part 1: Music, Dance and Ritual in Sakha-Yakutia.» Disclaimer: the video length is about 1 hour, be careful if you don’t have unlimited Internet traffic. Misha Maltsev’s bio is here.

Misha Maltsev is from the Republic of Sakha, North-Eastern Siberia and belongs to the Yakut-Sakha tribe, of Altaic-Turkic speaking peoples. In the mid-eighties, when most people in the former Soviet Union were listening to state approved music, Misha 19s curiosity and passion led him to establish underground connections with international experimental musicians from around the world. By the early nineties he worked on TABYK Ethno-Music Festival with a group of like-minded producers and musicians. Today, the Tabyk Festival continues to be one of the leading Indigenous Music festivals…

See the first portion of old photos. 42 photographs. Scanned and presented by Misha Maltsev, a London-based Yakutian. My comment: I think scanned old book pictures have their own aesthetics.