Mordern national costumes inspired by Siberian Northern Peoples. Designer Avgustina Filippova. Photo credit: Victor Li-Fu. Republic Sakha-Yakutia, Siberia, Russia.

Really proud to show the following images of stylized national costumes from the Sakha Republic (Yakutia), Russia’s North-East Siberia and Far East. Beautiful Yakutian ladies. Awesome national costumes. Fascinating photographs. This is what these photographs are about. Costumes created by highly-respected designer, Avgustina Filippova. Photographs are set and taken by talented Victor Li-Fu.

Glad that our famous designer Avgustina Filippova was able to participate in Yakutia’s Days in Toronto, Canada. In the above video you can see how she displayed her work — Yakut national costumes.

Saying a lot of thanks to my Finish friend of mine, Fredrik Forsberg, who provided a book print scan copy and the A FEMALE YAKOUTI chapter text from the book «Costume of the Russian Empire.» And it was him, who colored his black-and-white print copy. Further, please, read the chapter with information on the illustrated Yakut woman in a national costume.

The last week in Yakutsk was remarkable for Days of Olenek (located in North-Eastern Yakutia, Siberia; 3 days by car). Here you can see the set of photographs taken on Orzhanikidze Square, that was occupied by representatves of the Even people dressed in national costumes. They danced and sang folk songs. Besides, there were outdoor sales organized. One could buy unty (reindeer skin boots) at reasonable prices like 10,000-15,000 rubles.

Ajar Varlamov is like a good Santa. He keeps getting gifts out of his bag. Recently he visited Yakutsk Crafts Exhibition and brought many photographs of Even national clothes, accessories and attributes. The event was held in Kruzhalo Trade Center in March of 2010. See his pics.

A NTDTV report about Yakutia’s presentation in St. Petersburg.