Yesterday I just stood a little bit near the New Year tree installed recently on Lenin Square in Yakutsk City, Yakutia, Siberia / Russia, and took my chance to take a picture and make a video. The photo is above. The video is inside the post.

Winter starts from Yakutia! This is how a new travel project is called. What’s that? A good question. Officials, who are responsible for tourism development in Russia’s Republic of Sakha-Yakutia, have been thinking over tricks of attracting tourists to Yakutia. They spent much time on that work. Indeed, it was a hard mission. Yakutia is located pretty far away and, moreover, it’s huge and impossible to travel across in a short span of time and see all exotic things at once. What to do?

Here in historical videos, you can see how Yhyakh (Ысыах in Russian), the Yakut national holiday, was celebrated in the 1960s. For the long period, the Soviets prohibited the Yakuts to hold its traditional summer event, but eventually, since 1941, allowed. Yhyakh is the celebration of the summer solstice. Dedicated to the spirits of Ajyy and nature revival. Followed with the rising sun worship ceremonies, abundant food, kumis (also spelled kumiss, koumiss or kumys; it’s the horse milk) drinking, national sports games, horse races. Further, please, find the…

A pretty cool how Yakutia was shown in Russia Today TV Channel’s news story about how Russia celebrates New Year! Enjoy!

Just an ordinary Monday morning in the current winter. Though it wasn’t so extremely cold, -38C, but such weather forced us to walk through Lenin Square pretty fast. The action happened at 8.30 am, as I love to say, in the world’s coldest city of Yakutsk in Russia’s Siberia on December 06, 2010. Oh, in the end of the video I said, «Ok, folk, my fingers got frozen…» Watch the second vid with a kid and a New Year tree.

The NY holidays in Yakutia seem to be the same as in the whole Russia. 10 work free days. People tend to take advantages of all these rest days and do what they feel to do.