It’s already a good tradition. Annually, Mammoth Yakutsk Off-Road Club arranges the spring race, that officially opens the season for the club’s all-terrain events. It happens in April, when snow is still on the ground. This year was not exception. Last weekend, the club held the snow race tournament called «Spring Melting.» Participants were devided into different categories depending on a vehicle type and they needed to compete who would come to the finish line first. Ok. No more words, take a look at my following photographs.

I do really admire these pals. I mean Artyom and Katerina (see the above pic), the co-founders of the Siberian adventure blog, and guys of the Yakutsk off-roading club «Mammoth» ( with its chief Dima Khvatov. If to alter the text of the World Cup Coca-Cola commercial song, they might be always singing, «Give us a reason to off-road higher!» Right. They are easy-going. They are always striving for impassible terrains to go through. Yakutsk off-roading fans are really lucky. They don’t need to ride on their…

On April 25, 2010, the day before the snowstorm, Mammoth Yakutsk Off-Road Club hosted the city’s GPS orienteering contest. Further, please, see the photographs of top participants. A team of Pokrovsk (in the first following pic) won the competition. GPS orienteering is very popular in Yakutsk. Hard to recall, when it gained ground. I think, five years ago. All males/females, who do not spare their own off-road vehicle, consider it an honor to compete in collecting all marks with numbers (this time there were 72) faster than others….

The archival video: 4wd ice jumping by Mamont Yakutsk Off-Road Club on Jack London Lake, Magadan Oblast.