September 23rd, 2013, was a remarkable day in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia, Russia’s Siberia. It was the day when people woke up and saw the first snow on the ground and trees. Awesome! Winter almost arrived! Reportedly, it was snowing in Nerungri & Aldan (South Yakutia), Lensk & Mirny (West Yakutia), Olenek (North Yakutia). Almost everywhere, apart from Central Yakutia with Yakutsk. See more photos!

The last week in Yakutsk was remarkable for Days of Olenek (located in North-Eastern Yakutia, Siberia; 3 days by car). Here you can see the set of photographs taken on Orzhanikidze Square, that was occupied by representatves of the Even people dressed in national costumes. They danced and sang folk songs. Besides, there were outdoor sales organized. One could buy unty (reindeer skin boots) at reasonable prices like 10,000-15,000 rubles.