I have an US-based friend on Facebook. His name is Sid Korn. A few days ago he informed me that he created the slideshow using my pictures of the recent road trip to Oymyakon, the Pole of Cold. Here it is.

I love this video. It shows how we were really happy to be on the Pole of Cold in Oymyakon (Yakutia/Siberia).

Yes, we did it. We were in Yakutia’s valley of Oymyakon. Our first morning in the coldest place in Siberia. It was -52C. Pretty good, indeed and felt really good. Watch the video and see what cold air we were breating.

Helping Mario and Orio with their travel to Oymyakon, the Pole of Cold. They decided to fly to Ust Nera, then to drive south to Oymyakon, where they will stay one week and make footage for the 30-min documentary to show on Channel 5 Spain. The photo was made today on Lenin Ave. in Yakutsk.

Our journey to Oymyakon, the Pole of Cold, was awesome. It was a sort of a fun road trip with friends. A great adventure! Great impressions! Major sightseeings in Oymyakon are people, their life and extreme cold. So… enjoy the slideshow. The set will be, certainly, extended.

This set will be updated all the time. Need more time to select more pictures of our trip. Today you can see the first portion.

So we returned from the Pole of Cold, Yakutia/Siberia. The journey to Oymyakon was awesome. I need more time to publish good posts about our road trip to one of Yakutia’s coldest regions. To give an idea of the Pole of Cold, watch this video. We were measuring temperature in Oymyakon. You can see how the cold went from -35C down to -52C. It happened at 11.00 am on Jan. 20, 2010. The journey was arranged by AskYakutia Fun Adventure Team.

The «AskYakutia Team» is en route to Oymyakon: The coldest place on earth.  The Pole of Cold. We eagerly await more news and a lot of photos ! Read more: AskYakutia.com Google map: Oymyakon  ________________________________________  Oymyakon (Russian: Оймякон, Sakha: Өймөкөөн, Öymököön) is a village  in Oymyakonsky Ulus of the Sakha Republic, Russia, located along the Indigirka River, 30 kilometers (20 mi) northwest of Tomtor on the Kolyma Highway. The population is 521.

An Italian traveler Marco Vignola after tw-day reindeer sledding in Oymyakon, Siberia/Russia. That was the travel in extremely cold weather conditions. The temperature was -52C/-61F. Indeed, Oymyakon holds its title of the coldest inhabited place on the earth. Photo by Misha Mestnikov. Check my other blog AskYakutia.com to see what it is like to be in Oymyakon: — A winter journey to the Pole of Cold; — Reindeer sledding with Siberian nomads. Browse through already-published posts under the tag Oymyakon. Any wish to travel to Oymyakon, the world’s…

Today BBC News did a great job. The UK news outlet published an article about life in extreme cold in the world. Yakutia’s Yakutsk and Oymyakon were highlighted in the story. Enjoy reading! By Raffi Berg, BBC News —————————— While extreme winter weather in parts of Europe, Asia and the US has brought normal life to a virtual standstill for millions of people, many other inhabited places manage to function where such sub-zero temperatures are routine. In the north-eastern Russian Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), the village of Oymyakon…