Yakutia is fascinating!.. Especially when seen by GoPro and Drons!

YAKUTSK, Oct. 09, 2010 — To celebrate the 85th Yakutia aviation anniversary, Yakutsk Airport arranged the air show that was announced in local newspapers as a real big show for all city residents. The airport was totally open between 10.45 am till 2 pm. Any person was allowed to enter the landing strip and see planes, airport vehicles and air show. The event resembled more a temporary outdoor aviation museum targeting kids and their parents. Local air companies and avia enthusiasts exhibited their planes.

Take a look at 38 exclusive photographs of how Polar Airlines was rescuing the French Arctic explorer Jean-Louis Etienne in the Arctic tundra of Yakutia’s Siberia after his 5-days North Pole balloon crossing on April 11th, 2010.