A friend of mine, Roman Sofronov, has just returned from his other scientific expedition into the wilderness of the Momsky National Park located in the North-East of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia). When they had a rest, they spent spare time on fishing on the Inyali River. Fascinating place. Ice is still there and it didn’t melt even in the summer. See Roman’s photographs.

It was a sort of revelation. I didn’t know that there were a few real fishing lodges in Yakutia, Siberia / Russia. Mostly, in Yakutia fishing is wild. I mean, it is done with such things as boats and tents. Below you can see pictures of the fishing lodge located on the Yudoma River in South-East Yakutia, Siberia / Russia. 5 hours from Ust Maya (map) by boat. The fishing lodge belongs to LORP, the major Lena River transport service company. It consists of the big wooden cottege…

Omg, I am already missing a magic winter in Yakutia. Take a look at my favourite Aikhal-based photographer Ruslan Ahmetsaphin‘s winter photographs taken in the areas of Aikhail, Mirny and other settlements of Western Yakutia. It is the land primarily famous for diamonds, but it is also the land of amazing cold Siberian nature — enigmatic forest (taiga), icy rivers, crispy snow, glowing stars, and fantastic Aurora Borealis.

Today a local blogger TUTOR shared the photographs of wild animals, fishes and a bird. The pics were taken in South Yakutia. See further major species of the Siberian wildlife. Elks, brown bears, sables, pikes, an owlet, snake, and a funny chipmunk. All of them are pretty awesome. Yeah, let’s protect them and their environment. Why not?