Good news! Polish Yakutia fans are welcome to the exhibition «Sakha Republic Photographic Guide» (Fotograficzny przewodnik po Jakucji) arranged at Warsaw University Library by Polish students, Agata Fedotov and Łukasz Grajewski, who traveled across the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) in August 2009 as participants of the Poles Assistance Foundation and Polonia Yakutsk’s three week research expedition. Amazing photos are exhibited in the Warsaw University Library main hall. Location: Sala Narożna Pałacu Potockich, Warszawa, ul. Krakowskie Przedmieście 26/28, Kampus UW. Dates: from now till Feb. 5, 2010

Our journey to Oymyakon, the Pole of Cold, was awesome. It was a sort of a fun road trip with friends. A great adventure! Great impressions! Major sightseeings in Oymyakon are people, their life and extreme cold. So… enjoy the slideshow. The set will be, certainly, extended.

This set will be updated all the time. Need more time to select more pictures of our trip. Today you can see the first portion.

Yeah, it’s dark and cold on the Road of Bones (the Kolyma Highway) in winter. And a little bit dangerous, because of fast passing-by trucks and snow-people-like fellows 🙂

So we returned from the Pole of Cold, Yakutia/Siberia. The journey to Oymyakon was awesome. I need more time to publish good posts about our road trip to one of Yakutia’s coldest regions. To give an idea of the Pole of Cold, watch this video. We were measuring temperature in Oymyakon. You can see how the cold went from -35C down to -52C. It happened at 11.00 am on Jan. 20, 2010. The journey was arranged by AskYakutia Fun Adventure Team.

Good news for Berlin-based blog readers! You have an unique chance to try the Yakut national cuisine prepared by the famous Yakutian cook, Innokentyj Tarbakhov from January 15th till January 21st, 2010, in the Russian pavilion of Green Week International Agriculture Exhibition. This event became possible thanks to Yakutia’s official delegation’s participation in the Berlin exhibition «Green Week.» By the way, the delegation led by Yakutia’s Vice Premier Ayal Stepanov, have a rich visit program, that includes meetings with German companies Big Dutchman Int. GmbH, Prullage Systeme, Zimmermann…

Shaman music of Siberia meets Western Club Music No.3 at World Music Charts Europe 2001 Nominated «Best of WMCE 2001» Intensive interpretation of shamanistic singing from Sakha (Siberia), combined with todays western club-culture | from tradtional and mystic essays, ritualistic ceremonies to modern urban forms .. with shamanistic singer Stepanida Borisova from Siberia.  ……………………………………………………. «It’s mystical, it’s modern, it’s low beat danceable, it sounds sacred and at the same time sounds urban…. it’s great!!!» (DJ Tonyy Sao Paulo). «The music of Sakha (Yakutia) originates 3000 Years before Christ….

Stepanida Borisova, shamanistic singer from Siberia Shamanistic singer Stepanida Borissova was born in 1950 in the District of Megino-Khangalaas in the Siberian Republic of Yakutia. After her studies at the famous Shepjin School of Acting, she started in 1974 an acting carrier at the Ojunski-Sakha-Theatre. She received, as well, the Ojunsky prize from the USSR and is a celebrated actress since this time. As a singer and performer Stepanida mastered many different styles of the traditional Sakha singing. In the entire Russian Federation and abroad, Stepanida Borissova won…

The NY holidays in Yakutia seem to be the same as in the whole Russia. 10 work free days. People tend to take advantages of all these rest days and do what they feel to do.

You think Yakutians are being frozen all the time in winter, don’t you? Wrong a little. They can also run and jump 🙂 The video was shot in the Chourapcha State Sports Institute. By the way, it’s one of the best athlete schools in Yakutia. Chourapcha is located on the way between Yakutsk and Khandyga. Churapcha is famous for the freestyle wrestling school, that gave the world three Olympic prize-winners, including the gold.