Great news! As someone said, «Oops, we did it again!» We launched the new website dedicated solely to the cutest Yakut laika dogs. Our dream became true. The resource is supported by Arctic Travel LLC, Lena Sidorova (a cynologist), Ajar Varlamov & me.. The Yakut laika is the unique Yakutia-originated breed of Siberian huskies. They’ve got blue eyes. They can run long distances for ever. They are the best hunters and herders’ helpers. They are so wonderful and beautiful that they apparently deserve your attention. Let’s make them…

Roman Yarygin spent two months, April and May, in the Verkhoyank Range with Oymyakon reindeer herders. In the above video he is sitting on the mountain top, while his Siberian husky is sleeping. An amazing view! See some of his photographs.

I have friends, Ajar Varlamov and Lena Sidorova. They have a common friend, Anastacia Longinova. Last winter, actually in March, they travelled on dog sleds along the Lena River to the famous Yakutia’s Pillars (so-called stone trees south off Yakutsk). A sort of dog sledding holidays. The winter travel with Yakut laikas (a type of Siberian huskies) took 4 days. They overcame nearly 300 miles. Yup, it was extremely cold and windy, but it didn’t affect them. Guess what memories they’ve got now. Unforgettable! See more winter photographs.

Take a look at so-called Yakutian laika (Siberian husky) puppies. Born in the summer of 2010. Located in the the Arbugaevs’ Chochur Mouran Ethno Complex in the Siberian city of Yakutsk, Yakutia/Russia. News provided by Lena Sidorova. Photo by Evgenia Arbugaeva.

Here we go! Ajar Varlamov’s photo report on his recent dog sledding along the Lena River to the Lena Pillars National Park, one of the biggest in the Siberia’s Republic of Yakutia. Major heroes in his pictures are, certainly, Yakutian laikas (representatives of the famous Siberian huskies). 24 photos

Just a few Ajar Varlamov’s photographs of Yakutian laikas (a type of Siberian huskies) taken in the course of his recent dog sledding to Lena’s Pillars.