Ajar Varlamov (his posts), whose many photographs you’ve seen previously, has two big passions. Initially, it was to carry his Nikon camera all the time and everywhere. A few years ago, his second passion became Marisha, Yakutian laika (dog breed originated in Yakutia’s Kolyma area). Guess his major habit… Any ideas?.. Right, as you might have noted, that’s his daily dog walk on the field called Zelenyj Lug (Green Meadow). So, if you are his friend, you can see his daily local nature pictures. Hereby, please, enjoy how…

Lyubov Borisova, founder of AL LOOK STUDIO production studio (company profile on MadeInYakutia.com), sent me a message saying they made a new short movie. It’s called «Mow, Scythe.» A story about two young Sakha boys, who mow grass in the countryside with their grandfather. Two boys go through a conflict and, thanks to god, there is a wise old man, who resolved the uneasy situation. The movie is set near Churapcha village in the central part of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Russia’s East-North Siberia. Short in the…

Students! International Students! Attention! Here’s your chance to discover the southern part of Russia’s biggest Siberian region. Through the summer student camp program called «Discover South Yakutia» and arranged especially for you this summer. The international course “Discover South Yakutia” is a two-week event organized by the Technical Institute (branch) of the North-Eastern Federal University held from the 26th of August till the 9th of September 2012 in the city of Nerungry (Sakha Republic, Russia).

I am so glad that Roman Sofronov (aka. Taramaan) helps me a lot with the eYakutia blog content. Previously, he let me publish his own awesome archive videos. All his posts came and will come under this tag. In July 2011, Roman participated in a geobotanical scientific expedition to the area of Mus-Khaya Mountain in Yakutia, Siberia/Russia, and he brought a lot of pics. Find some of them further.

Dersu (his blog) is great! Last August he and his friend, Sergey Ermak, completed another trekking expedition, but this time to Palatka Mountain, one of the biggest glaciers in East Yakutia, Siberia / Russia. Dersu’s previous trekkings across Yakutia: — Kyuellyakh Moustakh River Expedition, Yakutia/Siberia — The Momsky Range, East Yakutia/Siberia Palatka Mountain is located in Suntar-Khayata Range in the area of the upper Suntar River. Considered as the third highest point (2797 m) after Pobeda Peak (3147 m) and Mus Khaya Mountain (2959 m).

August 30th was officially a summer day in Russia’s Siberian city of Yakutsk, but what we call the late summer you might consider as a real autumn. It was already +15C in a daytime and +5C in the morning. Let’s take a look at that day’s morning through photographs taken in Yakutsk, the capital of Yakutia, by Ajar Varlamov.

Great news is I am back to Yakutia! Woo hoo! Really glad to be at home, though I missed such a big event as the celebration of Ysyakh in Yakutsk. Below is the set of photographs taken from the plane approaching to Yakutsk Airport yesterday morning. It was at 6 am.

Here is the first set of the Lena Pillars summer photographs taken by Elena Atlasova on June 2-4, 2011. Actually, she and her friends were the first, who managed to visit the famous geological monument on the Lena River this season. Enjoy the Lena and its stone pillars. By the way, the Government of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) is working hard on nominating the Lena Pillars National Park for the UNESCO Heritage list.

Thanks Vitaly for your devotion to Yakutia and your great pictures and video slideshows!

Watch Ajar Varlamov’s photos of the blooming tundra at the Lena Delta in Yakutia, Russia’s Siberia. 94 summer photographs of awesome Arctic nature. Pictures were taken in the course of his short vacation to the Lena-Nordensheld biological station in the Bulunsky region of Siberia’s Yakutia on June 25 — July 1, 2010.