What can happen, when ice road truckers take a risk and cross the river on the thin ice in spring? Their trucks fall through the ice and drivers kill much time to extract their vehicles. Take a look. This video was shot on the Indigirka River in the area of Oymyakon. This is in Yakutia, Siberia / Russia. Time was the late spring, April. A kinda exciting adventure, but it wasn’t funny for drivers.

Yesterday I just stood a little bit near the New Year tree installed recently on Lenin Square in Yakutsk City, Yakutia, Siberia / Russia, and took my chance to take a picture and make a video. The photo is above. The video is inside the post.

Winter starts from Yakutia! This is how a new travel project is called. What’s that? A good question. Officials, who are responsible for tourism development in Russia’s Republic of Sakha-Yakutia, have been thinking over tricks of attracting tourists to Yakutia. They spent much time on that work. Indeed, it was a hard mission. Yakutia is located pretty far away and, moreover, it’s huge and impossible to travel across in a short span of time and see all exotic things at once. What to do?

This morning we had -42C in Yakutsk, Yakutia, Siberia / Russia. At last, real winter arrived. See today’s photographs of the extreme cold winter… and stay tuned, as the day is not over yet. More pictures are coming.

A friend of mine, Vyacheslav Ipatiev, who is the founder and CEO of YakutiaTravel LLC, has developed a new unique route for extreme cold hunters. He gives a chance to embark an adventure journey on reindeer sleds across the Valley of Oymyakon, one of the coldest parts of Yakutia, Siberia / Russia. 10-day sledding in the Siberian extreme cold weather. From the village of Uchugey to the village of Oymyakon. The temp is as low as -55 C or even less. And, yeah, night spending in nomads’ sleeping…

In the early November, Yakutsk-based Vladimir Potapov (fb profile) arranged the winter snowmobile expedition to the Arctic zone of the Republic of Sakha-Yakutia (Siberia/Russia). The route was Ust Kujga (map) — Kazach’e (map) — Laptev Sea. The mission was to deliver the remains of the Yuka Mammoth from the area of the Yukagir community, Laptev Sea, to Yakutsk. It is the same place, where the famous Yukagir mammoth head was discovered seven years ago. The Yuka mammoth corpse was found in the well-preserved condition by Vasily Gorokhov’s community…

This is a trailer of the «7 Days in Foreign Land — Yakutia» travel film done by Joe Macke, an American, and Stepan Burnashev, a Yakutian. Currently, they are working on editing. Wish them luck!

I am so glad that Roman Sofronov (aka. Taramaan) helps me a lot with the eYakutia blog content. Previously, he let me publish his own awesome archive videos. All his posts came and will come under this tag. In July 2011, Roman participated in a geobotanical scientific expedition to the area of Mus-Khaya Mountain in Yakutia, Siberia/Russia, and he brought a lot of pics. Find some of them further.

Dersu (his blog) is great! Last August he and his friend, Sergey Ermak, completed another trekking expedition, but this time to Palatka Mountain, one of the biggest glaciers in East Yakutia, Siberia / Russia. Dersu’s previous trekkings across Yakutia: — Kyuellyakh Moustakh River Expedition, Yakutia/Siberia — The Momsky Range, East Yakutia/Siberia Palatka Mountain is located in Suntar-Khayata Range in the area of the upper Suntar River. Considered as the third highest point (2797 m) after Pobeda Peak (3147 m) and Mus Khaya Mountain (2959 m).

Here is the story. Alexey Pavlov is the famous photographer in Yakutia. Yakutsk-based TAYA Model Agency has many beautiful young women. LenaTourFlot LLC has a pretty old, but stylish Soviet passenger ship that tends to make journeys between Yakutsk and the Arctic settlement of Tiksi. Yakutia has the awesome magic Lena River. So what do you think Alexey did? He travelled with TAYA models on the Mechanic Koulibin ship to the Lena Pillars, one of major geological monuments on the Lena River, and brought a bunch of great…