Previously, I wrote that Alexander and Constantine Smurygins, republic constructors from the city of Mirny, invented and created the all-terrain vehicle called «Uraankhai» able to drive smartly through taiga and swim Siberian rivers. It was the news spread across all regional newspapers and online portals. Read the full news story. A week ago, Vice President of the Republic of Sakha-Yakutia Dmitry Glushko gave that off-roader a try. Further, look at photographs of his test drive.

From now on, the Yakutian affiliate of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations (in short, rescuers) will use the hand-made all-terrain vehicle called “Uraanhay,” Yakutsk Vecherny Newspaper reports. The new off-roader is able to drive smartly through taiga as well as to swim Siberian rivers. It was created by Alexander and Constantine Smurygin in the city of Mirny, West Yakutia, in the course of 1.5 year. Now it is based in Yakutsk. Such an all terrain vehicle is suitable for search-and-rescue operations in the northern Siberian region. Thanks…

On April 25, 2010, the day before the snowstorm, Mammoth Yakutsk Off-Road Club hosted the city’s GPS orienteering contest. Further, please, see the photographs of top participants. A team of Pokrovsk (in the first following pic) won the competition. GPS orienteering is very popular in Yakutsk. Hard to recall, when it gained ground. I think, five years ago. All males/females, who do not spare their own off-road vehicle, consider it an honor to compete in collecting all marks with numbers (this time there were 72) faster than others….

The archival video: 4wd ice jumping by Mamont Yakutsk Off-Road Club on Jack London Lake, Magadan Oblast.