Hereby, I am publishing Yegor Makarov’s photographs of Yakutian horse riders from different horse trekking expeditions across the Republic of Sakha-Yakutia, Russia’s Siberia. Yegor Makarov is a successful businessman, who lives and runs the Muus Khaya entertaining complex in Yakutsk, Russia. His big addiction is to travel across his vast homeland, and he is a big fan of the Yakutian horse, Yakutia-orginated horse breed. Currently, he is making a documentary and a book about the Yakutian horse. Meanwhile, he shares his passion with you.

Have met a Yakutian horse in the village of Elges in Verkhoyansky region, North-East Yakutia, Siberia, Russia. This is female. 19 year old. Named simply Zorka (Dawn in Russian). See more photographs of her in the post.

In the late March, I had a chance to watch fishing on the Yana River near Batagai settlement in the Verkhoyansky area of North Yakutia, Siberia, Russia. In the above photo you can see the Yana River. Pretty complicated flow. This way all tundra rivers look. Yana is not exception. Further, find 12 photos of how ice fishing is done and what type of fishes are caught over there.

To visit Kihilyakh, sacred stones in Verkhoyansk district in North-East Yakutia, was my long dream. I’ve never been to that area. And, finally, I made it. Two weeks ago, I received a call. There was Yakutia’s Vice President Dmintry Glushko on the phone. Amazing. He asked, whether I wanted to go to Kihilyakh. «My god! Definitely,» I said. He continued, «There will be the ceremony of lighting of the Fire of the 5th Children of Asia International Sports Games.»

Breaking News!! Wolves Unleashed, a documentary film about wolves in Yakutia wildlife, will screen at the Winter Film Awards show in New York City on Saturday February 11th, 2012. Screening time is 11 am. Venue location is the Roy Arias Studios and Theaters, 300 West 43rd Street, New York. If you are in the area please show your support!! See the official trailer

When I see awesome photographs of my lovely Yakutia, I have a strong feeling to not say anything, apart from one sentence, «Enjoy Yakutia! Pictures explain everything!» In this post, I would love to say something similiar, «This is the Lena River! Enjoy its beauty!» and that’s it. But it might sound unfair to you and Dina Khandy, who took these photographs during her 2-week river cruise on the Michael Svetlov ship from Yakutsk to the Arctic settlement of Tiksi in the Lena Delta.

Verkhoyansky region located in North-Eastern Yakutia is remarkable for many things. It is as extremely cold as Oymyakon and that’s why this area is so zealously competing for the title «The world’s coldest inhabited place.» It is where magnificent stone pillars called Kihilyakh, known also as Siberia’s Shambala, stand on hills. It is the right place to observe Aurora Borealis all the winter long. Apart from, the Verkhoyansky land is full of sensations. Now it is a lovely destination of various expeditions. Two things made the place desirable…

These pictures are from Evgenia Arbugaeva‘s photo book «Following the Reindeer» (141 pages) that depicts the daily life of the Even reindeer herders in the mountain area around the settlement of Topolinoe in Tomponsky region (two days by a car from Yakutsk) in Russia’s Siberian republic of Yakutia. Evgenia is a young photographer from Yakutsk. Currently, she lives in New York City. She is a graduate of the International Center of Photography. A few months ago, she presented a few pics from her personal photo book «Following the…

Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) is featured in the 1st episode of BBC2’s Arctic with Bruce Parry. It’s called in a short way, «Siberia». In this episode, Bruce Parry is celebrating Ysyakh, the Yakut summer solstice celebration, in Central Yakutia and traveling to Even reindeer camps in the Verkhoyansk Range. Finally, here is the video. It’s more like a teaser. Unfortunately, the full version is not available for the Russian area yet. But… What a fun clip! Hilarious! Below see the second vid as well.

Yakutsk Centre for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring forced news agencies to speak about itself. Forecasters distributed a preliminary forecast of next month in Yakutia. According to the report, in the South of Yakutia, the thermometer may drop to minus 40-45 degrees Celsius, the East expects 34-37-degree frosts, and the coldest places in the northern hemisphere of our planet, Oymyakon (Ojmjakon) and Verkhoyansk, will confirm their brutal reputation. Here the air might be chilled down to -57 and -62 degrees Celsius.