Yakutia is fascinating!.. Especially when seen by GoPro and Drones!

When the Sky and the Lena River meet each other in Yakutia… An amazing time lapse video created by Viktor Gabyshev. He’s a biologist and tends to spend summers in long rafting expeditions in remote wilderness across the vast territory of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia), Russia’s Siberia. The last summer was expedition free. So, he decided to devote weekends to camping on the western bank of the Lena River in Tabaga and Kangalassy areas, 1 hr off Yakutsk. I live in Yakutsk myself from my birth and I…

This video was created at request of Yakutsk City Hall. The clip demonstrates how Yakutsk looks like in the summertime. Enjoy! Yakutsk was officially established by Russian Cossacks in 1632. Served as the beginning point for all exploring expeditions to Arctic Ocean, Chukotka, the Okhotsk Sea and other remote Russian Far Eastern areas. Still all epic Siberian expeditions goes through Yakutsk! Nowadays, it is the capital of the biggest Russian region called the Sakha Republic (Yakutia). Wish to feel the sense of adventure? Check it out VisitYakutia.com.

Football is very popular sports in the Sakha Republic (Yakutia), Russia’s Siberia. The region has its own professional club called ‘Yakutia.’ Herein, you can watch a pretty cool commercial for Yakutia FC’s matches in May. Oh, you didn’t know that Yakutia has its own team?! Now you know! If you are in Yakutsk, take a chance to see how Yakutian fellows can play the real football.

The Government of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) often sends official deligations worldwide. During presentations, delegation heads tend to show the short video that highlights the major peculiarities of the region. All the beauty of Yakutia landscapes in the short video. Enjoy Siberia of Siberia! Here’s the new trailer used this year to show Yakutia. In all its beauty. Enjoy!

Creators of the documentary «The Winter Road. The Land of Fierce» has completed the work on the second part of the film. The sequal is called «Songs of forest spirits or Bear’s Hora about the Homeland.»

The Letter from Siberia is a great documentary about my region called Republic of Sakha-Yakutia. Created and released by Dr. Chris Marker in 1957. A long time ago, indeed. Though I noted no big difference in terms of the way of life and culture heritage. Enjoy! P.S. The link to the video was shared by a UK-based website visitor named Cherry. Thank you, Cherry!

A funny Russian TV Show about the exotic Siberian cuisine… if to be more precise, about the national food of Republic of Sakha-Yakutia, Russia. It’s in Russian, though you can understand everything. Don’t pay attention to what Yaz’ is telling, as no one is listening to him. It’s more about images and action. The TV program was shot in Yakutsk, Russia. In December 2012.

Happy New Year from Yakutsk! This is a new music video by Kyunnney-Jeebe. She is one of the most popular singers in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). As you see, Yakutia is a part of Asia. Performed by Kyunney-Jeebe. Song in the Sakha language. Produced by Viktor Li-Fu and Vladimir Moonkuev. Recorded in SakhaFilm Studio.

This weekend, 15-16 Septemeber, Yakutsk, capital of Russia’s Sakha-Yakutia Republic, is celebrating the 380 Anniversary. Yakutsk-based photographers Michil Androsov, Vadim Skryabin, Sahey Ignatyev have created the fascinating time-lapse video called simply «One Day in Yakutsk.» I would call it, «One Autumn Day in Yakutsk» 🙂 4000 images were used to create the video. In the end, btw, you can see the greeting saying «Happy Birthday, Yakutsk!» Hey, indeed… HAPPY BIRTHDAY, YAKUTSK!!! Via VK.com.