Lyubov Borisova, founder of AL LOOK STUDIO production studio (company profile on, sent me a message saying they made a new short movie. It’s called «Mow, Scythe.» A story about two young Sakha boys, who mow grass in the countryside with their grandfather. Two boys go through a conflict and, thanks to god, there is a wise old man, who resolved the uneasy situation. The movie is set near Churapcha village in the central part of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Russia’s East-North Siberia. Short in the…

The movie is called The Road. Created by a young talanted Yakutian director Michael Lukachevsky in Yakutsk, Russia’s Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). Screened once in Paris at a film festival. Next week, June 5th, Yakutsk residents will have the first opportunity to watch it in the Muus Khaya complex. Always welcome! The Road movie trailer is also available on Facebook to be ready for sharing. Please, share!

Icebreak on the Lena River. Ice is floating fast on May 16th, 2012. Location: Pokrovsk town, Central Yakutia, Sakha Republic (Yakutia), Siberia / Russia. This is the biggest nature event in May. The end of the cold season, the start of the warm days! See how ice is floating on the Lene River via the live webcam. The above video was shared by ykt user REPKA.

That’s what we are going to have in a month! Thanks to the Yakutsk-based talented cameraman Arian Ivanov, we can see how ice was floating on the Lena River on May 18-19, 2011. A pretty amazing nature event! We enjoy it every spring from high banks of the Lena River in my area called the Republic of Sakha-Yakutia, Russia’s North-East Siberia & Far East. The video was done on Tabaga Cape, a few km south off Yakutsk, Russia. Hooray! Summer is at hand. Meanwhile, we’ve got awesome spring….

So awesome! I’ve heard about this animated cartoon a long time ago and today I was lucky to get the video from Yakutia Music & Folklore Museum (Yakutsk, Russia). Olonkho is the Sakha (Yakut) heroic epos. In 2005, it was declared by UNESCO International Competition Jury as a masterpiece of the oral and intangible heritage of the humanity. What is it about? Watch the animated cartoon and get an idea. The story is based on the «Nyurgun Bootur the Swift» olonkho story. Though it is in Japanese, but…

This winter scene is good for a Merry Christmas card, though reindeer here is in his natural environment… in Oymyakon, one of the coldest inhabited places in the world. Located in Republic of Sakha-Yakutia, East Siberia & the Far East, Russia. This magic is brought from my recent reindeer sledding with Even nomads through valleys, rivers, hills and mountains. See more videos.

Mira Maximova is a talented Sakha composer, who currently lives in China. Many might know her as a YouTuber ExUmira2. On her channel there are a lot of songs written and performed by her. A few years ago China closed the access to YouTube and now she can’t upload her new songs. Recently she sent me the song Osuokhay, Sakha Round Dance Beyond Time & Space and asked, if I can post it on the website. Sure, Mira. That’s what I am doing now. Moreover, I made a…

Huraay, Yegor Makarov (, prominent businessman in Yakutia, shared this video with me. He said, The world needs to know the Yakut horse. The Yakut horse is a breed originated on the territory of the Republic of Sakha-Yakutia in North-East Siberia, Russia. See how awesome they are in the extreme cold winter in Yakutia, Russia’s biggest Siberian region. It is just a few episodes of Yegor Makarov’s new documentary. A teasing video was done with the help of talanted cameraman, Yuri Berezhnev. The film is not completed yet….

Breaking News!! Wolves Unleashed, a documentary film about wolves in Yakutia wildlife, will screen at the Winter Film Awards show in New York City on Saturday February 11th, 2012. Screening time is 11 am. Venue location is the Roy Arias Studios and Theaters, 300 West 43rd Street, New York. If you are in the area please show your support!! See the official trailer

Today we had -51C (-59.8F) in a daytime, though in the morning a local meteo station registered -49C (-56.2) that meant school free time for kids of 1st to 8th grade. Anyway it’s bitterly cold. Below, watch two short videos I made today during the lunch time.