As you noted, I am a big, big fan of the Lena River in Yakutia, Siberia / Russia, and I do really appreciate your attention and reading my blog. So, I have prepared free desktop wallpapers for you as my thank to you. Choose any image from the listed ones and download it. Have a good day!

Feel Yakutia in winter a little bit. Put the photo of Oymyakon’s Indigirka River on your desktop. Download wallpaper: 1366×768, 1280×800, 1024×768, 1280×1024.

Here is another Yakutia photo wallpaper to download for free. Put Yakutia on your desktop. My region is pretty far away and the travel to my place might appear to be as a crazy idea. A wallpaper is a good way to make it closer. This time I made the image available with different (the most used by the eYakutia blog visitors) screen resolution sizes. When anyone ask, «What’s that?», just say, «It’s the Lena River in Yakutia!» You will make me really happy.

Eight years ago I made the website for Guerman Arbugaev, director of the Arctic Travel company. Unfortunately, it doesn’t exist anymore. The site owner failed to renew the domain name By the way, it was my first website about Yakutia done in English. Praise god, I saved some of its content, including Yakutia nature wallpapers. Here I am posting them. You may download and use them free for your computer desktop. The collection is small, but it is based on the works of my first favourite photographers,…